City of Seattle Tune-Up Specialist Mandatory Training

Completion and passage of this free course are required of all Tune-Up Specialists effective 2022.
Contact for a $200 coupon access code.

(Cost listed is to deter unauthorized registration).

Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Introduction  
Unit 2 Tune-Up Administration  
Unit 3 Tune-Up Tips  
Unit 4 Building Characteristics  
Unit 5 Introduction Quiz  
Module 2 Benchmarking and Billing Analysis
Unit 1 D1 Benchmarking Validation - Energy Use  
Unit 2 D2 Benchmarking Validation -Property Use  
Unit 3 E.1 Billing Analysis  
Unit 4 Benchmarking Quiz  
Module 3 HVAC Operations
Unit 1 G1 HVAC Schedules  
Unit 2 G2 HVAC Set Points  
Unit 3 G3 HVAC Reset Schedules  
Unit 4 G4 HVAC Optimal Start/Stop  
Unit 5 G5 HVAC Sensors  
Unit 6 G6 HVAC Controls  
Unit 7 G7 HVAC Simultaneous Heating & Cooling  
Unit 8 G8 HVAC Air Balance  
Unit 9 G9 HVAC Ventilation Rate  
Unit 10 G10 HVAC Rogue Zones  
Unit 11 HVAC Operations Quiz  
Module 4 HVAC Maintenance
Unit 1 G11 HVAC Maintenance  
Unit 2 G12, 13 HVAC Filters and Strainers  
Unit 3 G14, 15 HVAC Working Condition  
Unit 4 G16 HVAC Duct & Pipe Insulation  
Unit 5 G17 HVAC Valves & Dampers  
Unit 6 G18 HVAC End of Life  
Unit 7 G HVAC Maintenance Quiz  
Module 5 Lighting
Unit 1 H1: Lighting Levels  
Unit 2 H2: Lighting Sensors  
Unit 3 H3: Lighting Controls  
Unit 4 H4: Inefficient Lighting  
Unit 5 Lighting Resources and Quiz  
Module 6 Domestic Hot Water
Unit 1 I1 DHW Set Points  
Unit 2 I2 DHW Circulation Pump  
Unit 3 DHW Quiz  
Module 7 Water Use
Unit 1 J1-2: Cooling Tower Blowdown  
Unit 2 J3: Cooling Tower Leaks  
Unit 3 J4: Irrigation Schedules  
Unit 4 J5: Rain Sensors  
Unit 5 J6: Water Features  
Unit 6 J7-8: Irrigation Operations and Maintenance  
Unit 7 J9-10: Plumbing Leaks  
Unit 8 J11: Plumbing Sensors  
Unit 9 J12: Fixture Flow Rates  
Unit 10 Water Resources and Quiz  
Module 8 Envelope
Unit 1 K1: Building Leaks  
Unit 2 K2: Duct Leaks  
Unit 3 K3: Attic Insulation  
Unit 4 Envelope Quiz